Bragging On God

     Today is a work holiday for me, so I am in my office at home trying to get caught up on some things. As I'm balancing our check register and using my fancy home accounting software I noticed the amount that we have in our temp savings account. If you've ever used home accounting software you'll know that you can create pseudo accounts to organize your money. Of course all the money is still in one account in the bank, but you can kinda budget and separate funds for different reasons.
     We have two pseudo accounts. One is savings and the other is tithes. Having these two pseudo accounts help me keep track of how much money we actually have to spend because when we get paid I automatically take out God's money and our savings. We have a savings account in the bank too, but it's easier to track the savings out of our checking account until we have a large enough amount to make a deposit into the savings account.
     Before I get to my point, I want to make sure that God gets all his due credit, so a little background story is necessary. Recently, I let a family member borrow one of our vehicles to take on vacation since it would get better gas mileage than theirs. Since I knew that they are both great drivers and I have full coverage on the vehicle I didn't hesitate when they mentioned driving to their destination. It just so happened that everyone made it there and back safely, but not so much for my vehicle. Firstly, I thank God that no one was hurt and secondly that there was less than $1700 damage. Just as a side note, since there was such a small amount of damage, we found that if we turned it into our insurance our monthly premium would go up for about three years.
     So, as I said, I was catching up, because I was behind. I'd paid our bills and things, but I had not gotten the accounting software up-to-date since February. After I had entered all of our paychecks and deducted the necessary amounts into our pseudo accounts we had $1689.14 in our pseudo savings account.

So what, right?

Here's the cool part....

The full amount that we have to pay to get our vehicle fixed without turning it in to our insurance is $1663.94.

AMAZING! Thank you Jesus!

So for your glass half empty people, I know that I could think of this as a set back (all of that money we saved is now gone, what was the point of saving it in the first place, etc, etc).

WRONG! I'm a glass is overflowing kinda guy. I'm so thankful for how it worked out.


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