Toddler Toes & Church Hymns

My son has pink eye and is having trouble sleeping. That, of course, means I'm having trouble sleeping too.

Toddler Toes & Church Hymns

I've been awake since 3am
With toddler toes in my chest
Listening to airy phlegm
And raspy snoring breaths.
I wish I could comfort him
And still get a little rest.
His constant moving, flailing limbs
Make the sheets a giant mess.
As the giant moon dims
And I lay here in my nest
I think of calming church hymns
And pray for the best.

- Jeremy

Addison's Benefit Cookout

Team AddisonAddison is an 8 year old girl from Farmingtion, AR. She is in the 3rd grade and has been diagnosed with leukemia. Addison is currently in Little Rock, AR fighting this horrible illness. 

Fayetteville Autopark is having a benefit cookout today (Friday, February 6, 2015). $5 buys your lunch and 100% of the proceeds go to Addison and her family. Her father works at the Autopark and they are supporting their employee. 

Money-Eating Fish

Sometimes I find myself speechless when I read scripture.

Jesus didn't say, "go check in the console to see if we have some change" or "lend me a dollar". He provided and He did it in a miraculous way.