Cell Spam

So, about once a week I get a text message on my phone saying, "You've won a Walmart gift card!", "Due to your recent entry, you've won a blah, blah blah!" or "Reply blah to blah for a blah. It's only $9.95".

Today, I got three consecutive texts about some kind of brain bender product, so I googled it. Apparently, you can forward unwanted spam text messages to your cellular provider to get those numbers blocked. I haven't tried it yet (mainly because I deleted those texts I got today before I google how to get rid of them), but I'm going to.

I just thought I'd let all of y'all know in case you're in the same boat as me.

So, to recap, forward unwanted spam text messages to SPAM (7726).

Special thanks to the writer of this article for the info.

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