Sill & Bella Saga Vol. 3

So, I had planned on mowing my back yard today, but I suppose it just wasn't meant to be. When I got the lawnmower out this afternoon and tried to start it up nothing happened. I checked the oil, the gas, the spark plug and the air filter; all the normal maintenance issues and nothing worked.
I think Bella put a hex on it. I'm pretty sure that it upset her yesterday when I didn't get upset at her blowing grass clippings into my yard.
To counter the old lady's hex, Holly and I went on a trip to Lowe's. We checked out a few flowers and proceeded to the lawnmowers. We bought a Briggs & Stratton with a mounted bag and it is wonderful. I put it together as soon as we got home and used it to "vacuum" the yard. The front yard is now grass clipping free and Bella has yet to win the lawnmower wars.

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