HMMWV Flashback

As a mechanic in the army, it was my job to make sure that the vehicles I worked on were safe for my fellow soldiers to drive. I worked on several types of military vehicles, but my specialty was HMMWV's also known as Humvee's.

I take pride in the fact that if there was something wrong with a HMMWV I could find it. I took those trucks through as many different types of terrains as possible when I went on test drives.

It was a lot of fun.

Today I had a little flashback of one of my test drive routes on FOB Al Asad, Iraq. It was one of those little trails that would normally be difficult to walk on and VERY bumpy in the driver's seat (a car wouldn't dare attempt this trail).

The sad part is that it was in downtown Fayetteville on a very short stretch of road work (township & gregg). You'd think that these guys would make it a little smoother for the smaller cars, but oh well.

Thanks anyway for the pleasant memories guys. Wear sunscreen.

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