The sun is shining. It is just warm enough outside to have the windows open and the air conditioner off. The cat is playing in the windowsill, chasing birds and squirrels. The dogs are napping outside after being walked around the neighborhood. All is peaceful.


     I didn't mention the police cars sitting in front of our yard. It seems as though our neighbors to the north, we'll call them Sill and Bella, feel that we have wronged them in some way in the past. As I was trying to drain the water off the top of our pool cover so that we can open it soon and Holly was pulling some dead weeds from around the fence line, we were visited by Bella.

     It seems that there has always been some kind of tension between us and Sill and Bella, but we never had any REAL problems until today. We could both tell that Bella was upset, but being that she and Sill never talk to us in the first place something had to be out of sorts. Whatever it is that they believe that we did to upset them in the past seems to have come to a head.

     I won't go in to all of the details, but old instances of tension causing situations were brought up along with being told that I should have known better than drain my pool because it causes Sill and Bella's septic tank to back up (keep in mind that a lot of septic tanks in this neighborhood have problems due to this subdivision being built over a pond).

     Needless to say, I called the police and I found out the reason that there are always two police cars when there is a domestic ready? It's because after one neighbor calls the police, so does the other. All in all, still a wonderful day and enjoying every minute of it, now.

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