How to import multiple feeds to facebook notes

First of all, to import a blog into facebook check out the Facebook Help Center.

If you have more than one blog that you want to add to your notes it is a little more difficult. Since I'm a google guy, I do everything with google.

First you have to set up your google reader account. Then:
  1. Add your blog to your reader list.
  2. Add other stuff that you want added to facebook to your reader list.
  3. In reader, create a bundle of feeds that you can share.
  4. Once your bundle is created, grab the bundle feed XML and use it to import your bundle to to facebook.
This works great if you have more than one blog that you want to import to facebook. What is really great about the bundle is that you can add your shared items to your bundle and anytime that you share a feed (let's say from a local news feed) it will get posted to facebook. 

The bad thing about this setup is that it takes a while for your blog post to get to reader and then into facebook. You can sort of work around this with google buzz. If you sync your google buzz with your blogger and your twitter that is synced with your facebook, every time that you post a feed to your blogger blog, buzz will send a tweet to twitter and twitter will post a link to your new blog post on your facebook wall. Then later on, your blog post will show up in your facebook notes.


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