Time to lubricate the dogs, Dad

 Ok, ok, don't worry — it's not obscene (on purpose).

carrot snack for Gemma

For full context everyone should first know we have three +100lb canines we love dearly and we would never hurt them. Also pertinent to the story is the fact that they're all terrified of fireworks. Due to their fearfulness they were prescribed some doggy Xanax a few years back to help them through all the Independence Day shenanigans. When we can get them to actually swallow the meds it works great, they chill in the kennel and eventually sleep when the booms slow up.
playful Oreo

Since Independence Day comes on a Monday this year several of our neighbors chose to celebrate this past Saturday (yesterday). Having advance notice I shoved the doggy Xanax into some Vienna Sausages and dosed the pups early in the evening. The little weenies are the perfect bite-sized snack for them to swallow the pills whole. 
precious Zeus

So here it is July 3rd and some of our neighbors felt the need to fire off a couple test fireworks in between the beautiful showers we had this evening. Hearing the booms begin my son says...

Son: "Don't you think it's time to lubricate the dogs, Dad?"

Me: "You mean medicate the dogs?"

Son: "Yeah, you know, give them the weenie."

...and then I lost it. Yep, I'm 12 years old again and all I can do is stifle giggles and try to not make eye contact with my wife. I love that boy.

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