With A Fence

Back in college I wrote a little poem to stun the class. I still find it quite humorous. I don't think I'll ever forget the looks on my classmates' faces while I was reading it aloud from the front of the class.

With A Fence

The first time it was wet,
And I liked it.
Warm as I went in, I
Was slowly surrounded,
Engulfed in pleasure as the world
Faded away.
Lost in my nakedness, with
The sun on my face,
Inhibitions did not exist.
Muscles twitched, and out came soft
Cries of joy.
The warmth penetrated and an uttering of
Relief could be heard.
Deeper I went in
To the warmth,
To the safety,
To the dream state with
No pain,
No burdens,
No fears,
Just me
And the hot tub.

- Jeremy

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