2014 Arkansas General Election Issues

For all of you Arkansas voters out there, I hope you've read up on the issues you'll be voting for (if you haven't already voted early). In the past I've found it a little difficult to keep up with the issues and what they're all about so I thought I'd make it a little easier for anyone who stumbles across this post.

The University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, Research and Extension (UAEX) has prepared reviews of each issue for this election. According to UAEX documentation,  they provide:

  • Fact sheets vetted for neutrality and accuracy 
  • Ballot-preview presentations by county agents 
  • Timely updates during the election cycle
  • Assistance with local ballot-issue education programs when requested
  • Press releases highlighting new fact sheets

Thanks to UAEX, I can now paraphrase what the issues are really about. I've provided links to excerpts from the review of each issue.

There are five issues to vote for or against during this election:
1) Giving legislators the authority to approve state rules
MY THOUGHTS: I don't like the thought of legislators having that much power. I'm voting AGAINST this issue.
2) Requiring minimum percentage of valid signatures before allowing petition extensions
MY THOUGHTS: If they're adding invalid signatures to petitions, they can't be trusted. I'm voting FOR this issue.
3) General amendments to the Arkansas constitution
MY THOUGHTS: There are several sub-issues on this issue. I'm for the first 4, but that fifth one just makes me feel unsettled. I don't like how it's kind of tagged on to the others. It feels dirty. I'm voting AGAINST this issue.
4) Making Arkansas a "wet" state (no more dry counties)
MY THOUGHTS: If an Arkansas county wants to be a wet county let the people of that county vote to for it. I'm shouldn't be allowed to tell other counties what to do. I'm voting AGAINST this issue.
MY THOUGHTS: Increasing minimum wage is only going to increase prices for everyone in the state. If employees think they are being treated unfairly by their employers, they should find a different job. I'm voting AGAINST this issue.

Be prepared when you walk into the polls on voting day. 

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