Halloween Already

     Fall is coming! I always hit a point in the summer that I am ready for fall to start. I want pumpkins and chili and apple cider. The best part of fall is the day I get to hand out candy to all the little people that come to my door. I love to cook lots of halloween foods such as mummy hot dogs and graveyard potatoes. All our friends and family are invited to swing by and have some food and get a treat.
     This brings me to the treats we choose to hand out. We purchase full sized candy bars. This makes us a popular house in the neighborhood but also saves us money. My husband likes to hand out handfuls of candy and he has a large hand. We have to buy gobs and gobs of candy to keep from running out. I began to compare prices and found that giving the little people one full sized candy bar is cheaper than my husband's handfuls. We buy an assortment of candy, including Skittles and Starburst as well as chocolate. It is usually most cost effective to purchase the candy at Sam's Club, however, we make sure to look at the per unit prices as Walmart can be more cost effective at times for full sized variety boxes.

     Here is a link from Field Agent, as well as some pictures showing what information they have gathered regarding Halloween treats. Where do you come in on treats? Do you hand them out? What kind do you like to give the little people in your neighborhood?

For other holiday stats check out this link:

-- by Holly

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