How to fix the nozzle on a Cadillac radiator coolant overflow bottle

I have a buddy that owns a Cadillac Seville. At some point the overflow nozzle broke off of the radiator coolant overflow bottle. You can see it pictured here:

After a trip to AutoZone I was able to build a replacement nozzle out of some vacuum hose and a nylon fuel line union. Here it is. 

I used a little QuickSteel to adhere the new nozzle in place after prepping the bottle (read the instructions on the back of the package). 

Then I used a little more QuickSteel to make sure it wasn't going anywhere.

Once it cured (one hour), I put the old hose on and tightened down the hose clamp. 

Now, it's as good as new. 

Here are the supplies I used (less than $20).

That's a lot better than spending $100 on a new bottle. 
You can find one of those here

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