Subliminal Mario

I just got the strangest urge to play Super Mario World

Now that I'm a dad, I've found myself singing a lot to try to make my son smile or to calm him down. That's normal, right?

Sure it is, except when I realize what I'm humming or da da da'ing. This morning I was helping my son dance to a little ditty that I later realized was the song from Tetris. A few weeks ago, instead of "the itsy bitsy spider", I was do do do'ing the underground theme to level 1-2 of Super Mario Brothers

How is this happening? I guess the better question to ask is why is this happening now? Have I been programmed to remember video game themes somehow through subliminal messages? Or is my subconscious somehow pulling up old memories from my childhood now that I have a child? So many questions...

So, what does this mean for my son's generation? Will he be humming the song from candy crush or bejeweled blitz to his kids?

I guess I need to find some experts.

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