No Finals Here

I just finished the final exam in one of my classes.

I wanted to tell a little story about it, but to fully understand this story I need to give a little back story.
This class's grading scale is based on 500 points. 25 quizzes worth 10 points each and a final exam worth 250 points. Over the course of the semester I've actually taken 28 quizzes, so my three lowest quiz grades will be dropped from my average.

Now, back to the story. As I'm putting away my study materials to get ready to take the exam, the professor holds up a stack of papers and declares, "I expect you to be honest." He continued on to explain that we had to sign a contract for the exam and that we had a couple of options.
•Option 1: Take the exam as expected (Quizzes=50%, Exam=50%)
•Option 2: Don't take the exam (Quizzes=100%)
•Option 3: Take the exam and forfeit quizzes (Exam=100%)
Seeing as how I hadn't missed a single class and that I only had a couple of low quiz grades (which would be dropped anyway) and I had accrued a little extra credit here and there, I chose Option 2, of course.
Thanks prof, see you around.

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