Sony Vaio Services Interrupt iTunes Save Data

So, there is a whole thread about why my iTunes crashes every time that I try to use it. Apparently, there is some nonsense about a content manager/analyzer that disables iTunes from saving data. So instead of saving it creates a million and one temp files that never get un-temped. I guess I'll see if this works.

Here is the thread that got me here:

Happy Update:
I love iTunes......Now that I have those services turned off I have been able to use iTunes on a regular basis, and it's GREAT! I love the smart playlists. I love that I can see how many times I've listened to specific songs. There is a lot of usefulness in the data that iTunes collects. The only drawback that I can see is that iTunes is a resource hog, but that doesn't matter to me....I'll just get  more resources.

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