Deaf People

I like to watch people and the things they do. You can learn a lot by doing that. Today I witnessed an interaction between two people (not old, but aging) that have noticeable hearing loss.
I don't have the best hearing, myself, so there are thing s that I try to do to make sure that I don't miss out on anything. I try to look at people when they're talking to me, focus on the important parts if the conversation, and face the direction that the sound is coming from to name a few.
This morning as I was walking by I heard (and saw) this:

Lady: (while turning away from man) "I hope you have a better day today Sammy."
Sammy: (while spinning back around towards lady) "HUH?"
Lady: (while spinning back around toward Sammy) "What was that?"
Sammy and Lady: (walking toward each other)
Lady: "I hope you have a better day today Sammy."
Sammy: "oh, thanks"

The names were changed to protect th innocent.

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