Independence Day

It's 9:30 pm on Independence Day 2010. I'm on my deck, sitting in my new deck chairs, watching my neighbor's fireworks and protecting my dogs from the evil bangs and booms all around us.
It's very nice to not have to spend my money for fireworks and spend my time setting up fireworks.
When I was younger I loved to set them on fire, but as I've gotten older I've learned to just sit back and enjoy them.
I had originally planned on traveling down to Springdale so that I could watch the fireworks from my father-in-law's place of work, but I found out today that the rodeo only lasted until last night. So I had pretty much written off getting to see fireworks this year until it got dark at the house. My neighbors are crazy. They've been shooting off fireworks for days now and so far those were just the little ones. I had no idea that this went on in this subdivision.
I may make this an every year event.

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