Sill & Bella strike again

   Lawn mowing season has begun. For most people that means that repairing the old lawn mower, getting out the leaf rake, and preparing for some sweaty days in the sun. However, for Sill & Bella, it means fun. Sill & Bella have a strange afinity for mowing the yard and when they mow the yard they mow it short.
   To give you a little background for this little tidbit of EDd drama I'll have to give you some directions. Our house faces the east. Sill & Bella's house is to the north of us. The wind usually blows from the south to the north. Keep these in mind.

   In the past Sill & Bella have been known to slighty encroach into our yard with their giant riding lawnmower and today just happened to be a great day to mow the yard. It wasn't too hot and there was a nice breeze, but storm clouds were visible on the horizon. There were several people in our subdivision that had the same idea. We were trying to get our unruly yards back in order before the code enforcement guy starts driving around next week writing citations.
   I had heard either Sill or Bella mowing their yard earlier this morning and thought that I was in the clear by the time I got around to getting my lawnmower serviced and started. I hadn't planned on seeing either of them and was happy about that.
   When I mow the yard I follow the common courtesy of trying to keep my grass clippings in my own yard. It is against city code to blow your clippings into the street so it's an all-around good thing to do. While I was mowing around the perimeter of my yard I noticed that Bella had blown all of her grass clippings into my yard and in the street. "No big deal," I think to myself. So I just keep on trekking along pushing to my heart's desire. When I'm about halfway finished with the front yard out comes Bella riding her giant lawnmower.
   Continuing around my yard, I didn't really take note that Bella was not cutting any grass, but was just blowing clippings from one place to another. Being the owner of a push-mower, I didn't know if this is normal or not so I just ignored her.
   When the wind started to pick up and the clouds were growing even darker, I began to pick up the pace a little bit and then noticed that Bella was still going around in cirlces in her yard blowing clippings around. It turns out that the whole time she was going around in circles (I counted at least 9) she was blowing her clippings, and any of mine that the wind had blown into her yard, back into my yard.
   So at this point I'm a little irritated, but not to the point that I would really care. It just seemed kind of petty that she would do that. However, as I was finishing up the front yard (it was sprinkling now), I began to laugh at the situation. Here she is continuing to go in circles making sure that none of my grass is in her yard and it seems as though she would keep mowing until I stop mowing so that she can be the last one around the circle. To boost the humor up another notch, the wind that had really started blowing kind of hard was blowing most of the clippings that she was trying to "put back in my yard" were blowing right back into her yard and all over her and her lawnmower.
A few points then came to mind:

  • What would she do I went over to the line of clippings (there is a row of grass clippings about 2 inches high now separating the two yards) and kicked some onto her yard?
  • Should I continue mowing in the rain to see how long she would continue to go around in circles making sure that none of my grass was in her yard?
  • If I get the lawnmower back out when the rain is done, would she come back out and check to see if my grass is in her yard?
  • What would happen if I bought and set up a mini-picket fence or a couple "No Trespassing" signsbetween the two yards?

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