He galantly charged through the raging storm, fighting the tumultuous downpour while searching for the one thing that could get them home to safety.
When he arrived to the location where they left it, things were changed. Where did it go? Shielding his eyes from the rain he trudged on with his precious cargo until he knew something was not right. He circled back, knowing that he had gone too far. At last, there it was, blocked from all angles but one.
Thankfully the rain had started to subside as he finished transfering the cargo. Once all of the cargo was ready he returned to her and off they went to return from where they came.

If only I had someone to narrate for me in situations like this when I'm drenched and standing in the middle of the Walmart parking lot looking for the car in the rain, I'd seem a lot cooler.

At least Holly appreciated me letting her wait at the front door while I loaded the car down with groceries.

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