Those Crazy IT People

     It is 1:42am. I just emailed a database to my wife. This may seem usual, as opposed  to unusual, however it is the reason behind my late night events that makes it unusual. You see, I was asleep until 1am and it was quite good sleep; very sound.
     For some reason, unbeknownst to me, I woke up thinking about a database that my wife had mentioned to me a few days prior. There was something said about someone needing a database created and that an outside firm had been hired to do so.
     The kicker for me was that the outside firm had said, "I don't think we can do that". That is an insane statement that should never come out of the mouth of an individual that works in IT. Anything is possible with the proper resources. If I were the president of that firm, I would've been very upset to find out that one of my employees was not resourceful enough to meet the needs of a client just because he/she didn't think that "we can do that."
     So this is why I'm up at one in the morning sending a database to my wife. I don't know if the database will meet the needs of the person that was requesting it, but I do know that it does what the other guy said he couldn't do. Now that it's off my mind, maybe I will be able to sleep. Thanks Microsoft Access.

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