Remind Him: With strategically placed pillows

I know of a couple that like many other couples has a varied work schedule. Some days the guy will be able to sleep later than the girl before going to work and vice versa.

In an effort to keep the bedroom neat the couple decided that whomever gets out of bed last will be responsible for making the bed. This was a great idea, but seemed to be a lot harder than expected especially for the guy. It seemed like he would always lose track of time or wake up late and end up not holding up his end of the bargain.

Recently this problem was solved. You see, part of the bed making process was to place the decorative pillows on top of the comforter at the head of the bed. At night these pillows come off the bed and are stored away until morning. The better half of this couple, instead of storing the pillows away until morning, started strategically placing the decorative pillows in front of the guys closet door. This means that in order to get clothes he has to move the pillows. Once a pillow is picked up he knows that he has an extra two minutes to make the bed so he just does it.

This woman is smart.

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