Bark, Bark, Bark

Why was every dog in the neighborhood barking at 2:30 am?

For no reason at all.

Why was I the only person in the neighborhood outside in the cold at 2:30 am?

This is the real question that I should be asking. Being a normal American community, our subdivision has numerous dogs that love to bark. The problem is that when one barks, the others like to join in.

You don't see the problem here? Let me explain. I am the proud owner of an Italian greyhound and a boxer. They are wonderful pets and friends except for the fact that they don't know the difference between night and day. If they are sleeping, it's sleeping time. If they are playing, it's playing time. Most importantly, if they are barking, it's barking time. Also, let me note that they love to bark (the greyhound will actually forget what he is barking at and just bark randomly at nothing because he likes to bark so much).

So, this morning at 2:30 am, when the other neighborhood dogs woke my dogs up by barking. It became barking time. Then when I went outside to see what the problem was, it became playing time. I was terribly upset to have to scold my poor puppies for wanting to play, but IT WAS 2:30 AM.

For the question at hand though, why was I alone this morning? It could be because everyone else just sleeps through it. It could be that no one else cares that other people are trying to sleep. Best case scenario is they probably only have one dog so it's not as loud as two. I'll take that answer.

Moral of the story is: I'm tired.

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