Cell Phone Use

So, it's a law in Arkansas that says you can't lawfully drive a vehicle and talk on a cell phone without some type of hands free device. For some people I think that it is a good law and should be used. However, for the lady that pulled over to talk on her cell phone yesterday, I think should be exempt. Yay for her for taking the initiative and pulling over to talk on her cell phone. Only, she didn't pull off the road. She was going southbound on US 71 business (5 lanes of traffic going about 55 miles per hour), she turns right onto a little 3 lane road, and STOPS. She didn't pull into a parking lot. She didn't pull off onto the side of the little 3 lane road. She didn't even get 5 feet away from US 71. She just stopped. Now, what would've happened if someone else had received a phone call and had to pull off on that side road? They wouldn't, or they would've had to pass around her on the left (the merge lane) to get onto the side road. I don't think that there is a loophole somewhere in the traffic laws saying that you can break one law to keep from breaking another. You'd still be breaking the law.

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